We provide an outbound service based on improved efficiency and productivity

Want to fill your sales diary with meetings? Want to be ahead of the competition in presenting a new service or product? Want to free up your sales team from cold calls?

These are the primary objectives.
We arrange meetings with a qualified DECISION MAKER, following up using a targeted database and systematic calls in order to fix the most meetings possible.

Increase the efficiency of your sales team by giving them qualified leads

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Get to really know your client in depth to enter their market. Key information that will help you improve, innovate and deliver on your clients´needs. We work on all the stages We also carry out opinion polls and market research for new lines of business or services.

Conduct regular surveys to identify customer satisfaction levels and improve the service

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In today’s competitive market, it’s essential to capture clients so that they don´t fall into the hands of your competition. Find out why your clients are engaging less. If it is because the client is not being served correctly, the sales representatives do not visit them with the expected frequency or the delivery times are lengthening. Detect the reasons that cause such loss, we can rectify and improve customer loyalty and increase sales.

Don’t leave your customers at the mercy of the competition. Retrieve them and retain them is possible.

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Sometimes we pay less attention to our clients. We think that once they´ve bought something from us, that’s it. Often a client doesn’t return because we haven’t established a relationship with them or we haven’t let them know about new products, offers or promotions. We have vital information for you. We create databases that are time-sensitive, not just a one-off event. We have invaluable customer information.The goal is to create a loyal customer base that is loyal over time and not just at one point in time.

Activate your database, recover the relationship with your clients. Keeping a client is cheaper than capturing a new one.

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The right tools to get the best results in every case

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Grow your sales, tell your clients about new products, services and promotions. Reduced costs allow you to reach more clients.

Mail tracking

A follow up action to verify receipt of emails and confirm interest and close the sales visit will increase and improve the efficiency of your email campaigns.

Confirmation of assistance

Make every action count. At Universia we check email receipt, and encourage and confirm attendance.

Technology serving results

Automatic dialling

CTI system

Call recording

Multichannel RRSS, SMS etc


with a team of experts in integrated solutions for Telemarketing.